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Checkmate Boxing

San Jose

Download our app Checkmate Boxing San Jose on the Apple App Store or Android Play Store today to get the most out of your workout experience!

Plan your own workouts, even on days when you're not at Checkmate Boxing. Select from a vast library of hundred of different exercises sorted by muscle group, difficulty, or equipment and record your reps, weight, and rest periods so you will never forget what you did the last time you were at the gym. Use the workout player to ensure you're doing the exercise correctly, or select from hundreds of pre-made standard workout regimens. 

Track your calories, macros, and food intake with our Nutrition Diary. Develop a personalized meal plan that is tailored for your goals, select from a wide assortment of raw food components to make your own recipes or pick from pre-made meal options. Stay on track with your diet, encourage your friends, and earn points to stay on top of your health & wellness goals.

Every time you visit Checkmate Boxing, step onto our Neo Onyx body composition scales. The ONYX measures your weight, body fat %, bone mass %, muscle mass %, body water %, and BMI in a quick and easy way. Your physical attributes can be saved onto the Checkmate Boxing app, allowing for you to seamlessly track your metrics and achieve the results you want.

Participate in a variety of Gym-Wide Challenges and earn prizes! Challenges range from body composition, to number of calories burnt, number of reps of an exercise, and more. Encourage your friends in the Checkmate Boxing community by getting on the Leaderboard for the month and win Achievement Badges for different tasks completed. After all, where's the fun without a little friendly competition?


157 W San Fernando St
San Jose, CA 95113
(669) 600-9984
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