Covid 19


As we adjust to our new normal with the coronavirus pandemic here to stay, here are the Santa Clara County updates and things we are doing to ensure that you're able to come back safely to Checkmate Boxing.

New COVID-19 Safety Measures


COVID Waiver

A new liability waiver and health declaration must be completed online prior to your visit.


Verbal Symptom Screening

Upon entry to the premises, all clients will be verbally screened for symptoms of exposure to COVID-19 and may be denied entry accordingly.


Face Covering

A face covering must be worn at all times while indoors. This means that the mask must be worn upon entering Checkmate Boxing, during your session, and when you leave if you are indoors. A surgical face mask can be purchased ($2) if you forget yours!


Smaller Sessions

In an abundance of caution, we will be holding smaller sessions to allow for greater social distancing and limited potential exposure. Sessions that contain aerobic and cardio components (Ruby and Emerald) will be limited to 4 boxers and low impact technical sessions (Sapphire) that will be limited to 6 boxers. As such...


Strict Cancellation Policy

12-hour Late Cancellations & No Shows will now be strictly enforced. Any cancellations or no shows within a 12 hour window of session start time will be charged as if you were present. Enforcing our late cancel/no show policy allows us to have an accurate head count to make it a better/safer experience and allows others to take your spot if you can't make it.


Frequent Studio Disinfection

There will be at least a 30 minute window in between each session to allow appropriate time for disinfecting all surfaces, including equipment, heavy bags, seating, high-touch areas, and floor. Because of this, scheduling will be different than before to allow us adequate time to make our gym a safe environment for you guys!


Glove & Wrap Rentals

Gloves and wraps will now only be available on a checkout basis to make 100% sure that there is no cross-contamination. As always, gloves and wraps will be available to purchase.


No Mittwork in Group Sessions

Sadly, mittwork portions will be removed from the workout to reduce contact. Personal and Private training sessions limited to groups of the same household are still allowed limited mittwork sections and partner drills.


How You Can Help Us!


Complete your COVID Waiver online BEFORE you come in.


Come Early & Prepared!

Please, please, please come 10 minutes early. This would just make everyone's lives easier as we are now required to go through a COVID screening and make sure everyone is familiar with their designated areas and workout format before we start. Also, please come ready to workout...dressed appropriately and with wraps on. If you need help with your wraps, please come earlier so we can help you.


Wear your face mask

Be wearing your face mask on approach and at any time you are within 6 feet of anyone else. As much as it sucks, you are required to keep your mask on while you are inside and you are encouraged to keep them on/modify your workout accordingly for Ruby/Emerald sessions.


Minimize Your Belongings

Try to only bring the things you absolutely need for your workout to maintain cleanliness.


Obey Signage

Please be mindful of all the signs/taped off sections. You are required to stay within your designated area during your workout and try to keep 6-ft between you and anyone else.


Bring a Water Bottle

Please bring your own water bottle (you can still fill it up here if you need to!) as the drinking fountain won't be available to reduce common touch surfaces.


Contactless Pay

Cash will no longer be accepted, the best way to make your purchases is online or have a card on file/hand.


January 25 - Purple Tier

Hey Checkmate Boxers, 

SCC has been released from the Stay at Home order and has progressed to the Purple Tier that allows outdoor gatherings and fitness. At this time, we have decided to not hold any outdoor sessions and are instead only holding personal training sessions inside our facility where we are able to control and sanitize the environment as well as maintain appropriate social distancing measures. 

Please contact us via e-mail at or phone (669)600-9984 if you have any other questions or would like more info on how to convert your current credits into personal sessions!

November 30 - Purple Tier & New SCC Directives

Hey Checkmate Boxers, 

Unfortunately, with the new Santa Clara County restrictions that include a mandatory quarantine post-travel, the recent steep increases in hospitalizations and cases, and the upcoming holiday season, we have decided to temporarily close Checkmate Boxing until January 2021 or until further directives have been issued by Santa Clara County. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and have once again frozen all memberships and extended any expiration dates on packages. We feel that temporarily closing so as we do not inadvertently contribute to the rising amount of COVID cases in our county is the best thing we can do right now, especially with people traveling and gathering with their friends and families during the holidays. As sad as we are to temporarily close, we don't want to put anyone inadvertently at risk and want to minimize transmission of COVID during this crucial time.


Stay safe everyone, support local small businesses through this tough time, and hope to see you back in 2021!

September 29th - Tier 2

Checkmate Boxing is open for Group Sessions (capped at 4 boxers per session) as well as Personal Training Sessions. All sessions will be physically distanced with adequate airflow and face masks.


Please be aware of COVID restrictions prior to coming in, especially as we will be limiting glove and wrap rentals and enforcing strict late cancellation and no-show policies. 


Amy & Anthony

September 14th - Tier 2

Santa Clara County Moves to Tier 2 (Red)

Santa Clara County has moved to Tier 2 (Red) - allowing gyms to open at 10% capacity.

At this time, we are open for Personal Training and Small Group Sessions by appointment only, with restrictions (social distancing, mask wearing). Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in personal training so that we can put you into the schedule! 

Hope to see you back soon, 

Amy & Anthony

August 28th - New Industry Guidance

Santa Clara County - Tier 1 WIDESPREAD

As of August 28th, Santa Clara County has been placed in Tier 1, the most restrictive tier. Each County must remain on the tier for 3 weeks before advancing to the next tier, dependent on new cases and positivity rates. We anticipate that once we reach the red tier, Tier 2, we will be allowed to operate indoors at 10% capacity. 


At this time however, Checkmate Boxing is only open for outdoor fitness sessions with modifications (masks and physical distancing). Outdoor sessions are limited, and currently capped at 12 boxers, so please let us know if you are interested in participating.

Stay safe out there, 

Amy & Anthony

July 15 - New SCC Mandate

July 15th Santa Clara County Risk Reduction Directive

As of July 13th, Governor Newsom has closed down indoor activities in 30 counties in California that are on a watchlist. Though Santa Clara County was removed from this watchlist July 2nd, it was placed back on the list as of July 12. Effective Wednesday, July 15th, all indoor fitness center activities will be closed again. 

Stay safe out there, 

Amy & Anthony

July 13 - SCC Risk Reduction Directive

Checkmate Boxing's Position on the 

July 13th Santa Clara County Risk Reduction Directive

Santa Clara county has allowed Gyms and Fitness Studios to re-open with several restrictions. These restrictions include general rules that apply to all businesses in the County and directives that are specific for gyms and fitness studios.


Important/relevant rules from the new directive include:

  1. Face Coverings must be worn at all times while indoors, even while exercising.

  2. Clients are limited to 1 person per 150 square feet of indoor space.

  3. A reservation system must be implemented. All clients must be verbally screened upon entry.

  4. Indoor cardio/aerobic exercise is prohibited. Any activities or equipment that induce heavy breathing and elevated heartrate are allowed to occur outdoors only.

  5. Instructors must maximize verbal cueing/instructions/corrections and only touch participants when absolutely necessary for safety purposes.

  6. Group classes must be staggered at least 15 minutes to allow for adequate cleaning.


We are currently trying our best to comply with Santa Clara County guidelines while also offering you our signature Checkmate Boxing workout in a way that will keep you safe and reduces risks. We realize that everyone wants to get back to the way things were, but we also don't condone the rapid re-opening of businesses with disregard of County restrictions for financial reasons. We also recognize that we are not experts in epidemiology and that these restrictions have been placed on us in order to reduce the risk of infections.


Our goal is to offer our services in a way that can minimize transmission without sacrificing the quality that we pride ourselves on. As such, we are working on altering our class format & gym layout in a way that will abide by these new restrictions and hope that you guys can be patient and understanding of these changes. Our current tentative re-open date is Friday, July 17th.


We will be continuing to update this page to reflect the changes in our policies and any other updates that happen between now and then.

Miss you all & can't wait to be back!

Amy & Anthony


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